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Florida State University students will have more opportunities to take advantage of high-quality tutoring for some of their most challenging courses, thanks to a gift that boosts resources for these services to meet students where they are.

With a gift from the Fogg Charitable Trust, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) — which serves as FSU’s center for tutoring and study skills resources — will expand its operations to Strozier Library. Stozier already offers tutors for students, but the gift will increase availability and allow ACE to offer its services as the university experts in tutoring.

Drop-in tutoring for physics, chemistry, math and statistics will now be available in Strozier from 7-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.

“We used the Strozier Library swipe-in data to determine when the most popular times were for tutoring, and we’ve devised a schedule accordingly,” said Holly Hunt, director of ACE. “Aligning tutoring at Strozier with ACE will bring more efficiency, greater access to qualified tutors and a strengthened relationship between two places on campus where students can find essential academic support.”

ACE tutoring is led by peer tutors — undergraduates who have already succeeded in the courses and are chosen for their knowledge and ability to explain complicated subject matter.

“I think a lot of people struggle with chemistry because they try to memorize the facts instead of understanding why certain things happen,” said biochemistry major Lorien Collins, who tutors multiple chemistry courses. “When I can help students understand these connections, it makes the subject less intimidating.”

ACE serves about 13,000 students per year through its peer tutoring services, study skills workshops, student success courses, one-on-one tutoring and more.

“Going to tutoring not only increased my confidence with math, it also helped me to have fun and not be scared of trying hard things,” said biological science major Alani Boniface. “The tutors are so supportive, and I started looking forward to doing my work.”

The Fogg Charitable Trust is active in the Southeast and is dedicated to supporting efforts and communities that the late Ed and Lisbeth Fogg contributed to. The Foggs were the developers and managers of Farm Stores, a convenience store that specializes in its own brand of milk, bread and ice cream, and created multiple other business and philanthropic ventures.

“Our support not only helps the students seeking assistance, but also the tutors who work to provide educational support,” said Todd Clark, a representative from the Fogg Charitable Trust. “The Fogg Charitable Trust has supported this work because it helps students, it helps tutors and it helps FSU Libraries become the go-to place on campus for learning and resources.”